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Hotels in Iquitos City

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In Iquitos City there are a lot of hotels of all types, you will find comfortable accommodation in hotels, hostels and inns. It has from 5 stars hotels to comfortable and cheap hotels of 3 or 2 stars, available for all kind of budgets, all located in Iquitos City area.

Also there are Amazon Jungle Lodges inside rainforest, all inclusive services, that have elaborate an excellent plan of activities for ecotravelers and offer the service of expeditions for wildlife encounter, river transportation, lodging and meals.

The high season is from June to August, specially for Fiestas Patrias (Independence Days - July 25 - 31), book in advance for these days.


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You can select and make your booking in our system for hotels in Iquitos and / or combine it with a tour in the jungle with accommodation in a Jungle Lodges.

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Top End Hotels in Iquitos City


Top End Hotels in Iquitos

Our Rate (DWB)

Our Deal

Hotel 5 Stars Class

Dorado Plaza Hotel & Business

$ 218

$ 190

Hotel 4 Stars Class

Samiria Jungle Hotel

$ 108

Hotel 3 Stars Class

Victoria Regia Hotel & Suites

$ 100


Casa Morey

$ 100


Mid-Range Hotels in Iquitos City


Mid-Range Hotels in Iquitos

Our Rate (DWB)

Our Deal

Hotel 3 Stars Class

Hotel Acosta

$ 73



Delfín Amazónico Suites

$ 72


Hotel 3 Stars Class

Amazon Apart Hotel

$ 71


Hotel 3 Stars Class

El Dorado Isabel Hotel & Suites

$ 70


Budget Hotels in Iquitos City


Budget Hotels in Iquitos

Our Rate (DWB)

Our Deal

Hotel 3 Stars Class

Palau Amazonas Hotel

$ 65



Royal Inn & Casino Hotel

$ 60


Hotel 3 Stars Class

Hotel Dorado Express

$ 46


Hotel 3 Stars Class

Aris Hotel

$ 44


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